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Thread: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

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    1987 honda prelude si for sale

    Please forward to anyone looking for a oldy but a goody


    I have a 1987 honda prelude si which is currently on the road and licensed
    Standard, electric window & sunroof
    Great dunlop racing snow tires on it
    Has about 240,000 kms on it
    Strong pulling engine
    I have run two other honda's of this generation up to 450,000kms
    Looking to sell It.
    Needs about $500 to certify
    NO EMMISSION required/air care exempt

    would be a shame to retire this thing as it still rips up the road.

    Give me a call if interested in buying
    12 different rims with it
    2 sets of snows
    4 summers

    First person with more than $700 bid gets a super fun car
    Especially if you are a prelude enthusiast.

    call 416 424 4362
    In East York
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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    this was your wedding car? BADASS!!!!

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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    YGPM! Super interested!
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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    I think you if you sold it for $1000 certified with the snows on it and sold the rest of it separately not only would you sell this fast but you'd also see more the $1200 your targeting overall.

    Thats just a suggestion since the way you have positioned your pricing seems to be a bit of turn off to me as a potential buyer. ie. I want more than $700 plus it will cost you $500 to make it road worthy.

    You'll loose $200 on your initial sale but with all those wheels and tires and I'm sure you could find an easy $500 in there.

    GL either way.

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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    oh man...if i had the space i'd be all over this.

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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by D.NGUYEN View Post
    this was your wedding car? BADASS!!!!

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    Re: 1987 honda prelude si for sale

    I received this PM back. This should help the potential buyer. I backed out after doing the math. I was just thinking about it for nostalgic reasons as I've had a 1986 and a 1984 Lude.


    I have had the car for 2yrs

    Was told that it was parked inside for 7 or 8 yrs of its life
    Hence the relatively low kms
    doesn't leak or burn oil much

    A little under body rust and body touch ups -- comes with a can of matching midnight black paint - its 22 yrs old

    there is ac doesn't work right now--never looked into fixing

    engine is till strong

    needs a horn and mirror and gas cap need some love

    Can still do 140 kms but hasn't been pushed much beyond
    120kms by wife
    Needs a tune up and alignment
    my wife didn't drive it hard
    needs a muffler--but no air care required
    engine has lots of life

    Can get $300 to retire
    and $200 to $250 for snow tires

    call me if interested
    416 424 4362
    want to get rid of it before christmas

    losing parking spot

    extra rims and tires comme with it

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