There were speculations that the recently produced Vibrant headers for the group buy that took place for 2016 had different dimensions than the headers that were initially produced which became discontinued.

I was able to get my hands on both – initial and group buy versions. Having both of them in front of me, I figured I’d take this opportunity to closely examine both of the headers and see if there are any differences. Even though it’s subtle…I do indeed believe that certain dimensions are quite different.

Both headers were placed on the same platform (no bumps, slopes, etc.) and were resting on the vibrant box. I took the time to make sure one of the header was not too far towards the back or to the front.

- Both headers are produced the same way – same design, same welding points, etc.
- Discontinued version had a longer down pipe by 0.5”-1” compared to the version produced for the group buy
- Discontinued version was also 0.25” – 0.5” shorter in height compared to the other one
- This shows that the recently produced headers are lower than the initial version by 0.5” and are further away from the catalytic converter by up to 1”
- Vibrant branding stamp was also visible on the initial version

If you are planning on slamming your prelude/vehicle or lowering it significantly, I would recommended not to purchase the vibrant header produced for the group buy. A few members have complained about how low the header hangs as well as discomfort when driving over certain road conditions including speed bumps – lots of scraping.

The difference in dimensions may not be significantly large but there’s a noticeable difference when it comes to driving.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.