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Thread: HOW TO: Convert H3C to H3 Bulbs

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    HOW TO: Convert H3C to H3 Bulbs

    Technically you really aren't converting the bulbs. So this is for all those people out there running JDM fogs and find it hard to get H3C bulbs or find them expensive, this is an easy and cheap solution to solve your problems.

    Tools needed:

    - Wire x2 (about 3-4 inches in length)
    - Wire Crimp/Stripper
    - Disconnect Terminal (Spade) x2
    - Ring Terminal x2
    - Heat Shrink Tubing x2 (about 2 cm in length)
    - lighter

    to get an idea of the difference between H3 and a H3C bulb just look at the picture above. The H3 is to your left.

    Step 1:

    cut your wire into a lengh of about 3-4 inches

    Step 2:

    strip both ends at about 1 cm

    Step 3:

    insert the heat shrink tubing first that you've cut first, then slide your disconnect terminal at one end and your ring terminal at the other. Crimp both ends using your crimper (pliers in my case). Then slide your heat shrink tube over, and using your lighter apply heat to shrink the tube on both ends like so

    now the next part I don't have pictures but its fairly simple. Take your JDM fogs and remover the rubber seal that covers the bulb, once done you'll see three screws.

    One screw is holding the light bulb clip and the other two is holding the housing together. Pick one of the screws that is holding the housing and unscrew that, take your wire and place the screw through the Ring Terminal and screw it back in place.

    Insert your H3 bulb and reinstall the rubber seal with both wires coming out of the hole, connect those to your external harness and reinstall your fogs.

    If you're worried about the seal and connections you can use electrical tape to cover it up but I chose not to.

    Congrats, easy to find bulbs from now on.

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    Re: HOW TO: Convert H3C to H3 Bulbs


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